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Sarah Wright , drama teacher, St Augustines  Catholic High School  

"Andy Higgitt, within a short space of time, enthused and motivated my class of B-TEC students, enabling them to produce an effective piece of theatre which not only took account of their interests but closely adhered to the assessment demands of the subject. Through his guidance and constant encouragement, Andy created an environment in which the students felt empowered to challenge themselves further; experimenting with a range of drama forms to help them realise their ideas. Moreover, within this single session, Andy reached each of the students; using differentiation he was able to both stimulate higher and less able pupils equally.


Two weeks after this session, my students are still building on the many ideas that Andy left them with; discussing drama form with an improved use of specialist vocabulary and constantly asking when he can come back to work with them again!


Professionally, it was a pleasure to work with Andy. He is both  happy to structure his workshops to compliment prior teaching, or to introduce students to new topics. I can highly recommend Andy as a practitioner, and share my students' wish that he comes back soon."