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Jestaminute Community Theatre Company c.i.c.  Registered Office: 83, Oakenshaw Road, Redditch B98 7PN . Company No. 7501104

What we offer

We have a number of projects such as Argon the Alien which we have adapted to be used in a number of contexts, from exploring the heritage of Redditch to consultation with young people about the regeneration of the area that they live in

Jestaminute is at present developing a number of projects with other partners. These range from mens health through to projects working with disadvantaged youths and their families.

As a company, Jestaminute is always keen to discuss potential projects with partners. We have a good record of producing one off bespoke projects in consultation with others. This has included, writing and producing a pantomime for a school in Birmingham and story telling in a special needs school.

So, even if your organisation only has a vague idea of what you want to do, then we are happy to come and listen, offer advise and to see how we can deliver your needs.